Lochan a Choire Ghuirm, Assynt, Scotland. The source of Green Corrie Consultants name.


Green Corrie Consultants was established in 2015. Since then we have been assisting our clients with strategic IT consultancy, project management, and data security policy.

Our consultancy is backed by over 20 years experience of managing large, complex, IT systems for a diverse range of clients. Our previous work covered supporting academic staff, student, research teams, and administrative staff across a myriad of subjects within the Sciences, Arts, and Humanities. This work touched upon most areas of IT support including Server management (Linux & Windows), PC management, Mac & iOS device management, Firewall management, Web hosting, VMware Server management

We have managed annual budgets up to £1.5 million and seen hardware and software projects with budgets of over £500k through to successful completion. These included:

  • The establishment and development of an IT services unit with an annual turnover of £1 million.
  • The planning, procurement and implementation of a platform used in running virtualised services for the University of Oxford.
  • The implementation of iTunes U at the same location.
  • The management of the transition from existing IT systems to newer, more efficient, easier to use systems with minimal downtime on many occasions.