12th April 2018

Oxford to Cambridge Expressway – RSPB response to the suggested corridor options

Otmoor, Cothill Fen, and Greensand Ridge are under threat as a result of this proposal. I’m pleased to see that the RSPB have submitted a robust response challenging the most damaging options for nature conservation.

Please link to these documents to spread the word.

Ox-Camb Expressway Corridor Consultation, RSPB main response, 12-4-18

Ox-Camb Expressway Corridor Consultation, RSPB annexes A-I, 12-4-18


A graph showing the various Oxford - Cambridge Expressway corridor options. Various areas of high conservation value are shown.

Figure 1: overview of the Expressway corridors A, B and C with important clusters of biodiversity assets (SACs, SSSIs, Otmoor RSPB reserve, BBOWT reserves and semi- natural ancient woodland)

Figure 1 Legend: Key to Figure 1: SACs (pink), SSSIs (hatched dark green), Otmoor RSPB reserve (blue), BBOWT reserves (purple), semi-natural ancient woodland (medium and light green for ancient woodland and PAWS sites, respectively).